Michele Del Negro & Zoila Yabar

Diamante Internacional Oro

Michele Del Negro & Zoila Yabar

The 4Life opportunity came to me at a difficult time in my life. I was bankrupt, with debts and a family to support. When I could see no way out of that crisis, Henry Reynoso told me about 4Life, and I made the decision immediately to join.

From the beginning I knew this was for me, so I was determined to succeed no matter what difficulties I met along the way. I started my business with some friends, some of which are still working with me.

Thanks to those who have worked with me from the beginning, to all those who have joined along the way, and those who took them five years to understand that we were on the right track. Now, working alongside my wife, we have expanded our business and are experiencing results.

I thank each leader of our organization who, with their stories, commitment, and perseverance, has impacted our lives. My mentor, Gold International Diamond Gustavo Adolfo Moreira, believed in me and was with us unconditionally. I know that he will continue to work with us. Thanks to 4Life and the International Networkers Team for giving us the best platform and educational system to make our dreams come true.