Jacqueline Destre & Carlos Bercellesi

Diamante Internacional Oro

Jacqueline Destre & Carlos Bercellesi

When I was first looking for a better opportunity, I decided to move to Spain. In trying to achieve financial freedom, I ended up having to work around the clock. I worked as an employee, and then was self-employed. After that, I worked in the hospitality industry and made a decent income, but I had no time freedom and struggled with health challenges.

I am thankful to God and Gold International Diamond Carme Solà Xalabardé who introduced me to this opportunity. Without knowing me personally, she showed me the opportunity which has transformed my life. 4Life has given me the opportunity to grow, serve, help, and generate an unlimited income by offering people a financial opportunity that will lead them to a life full of wealth and wellness.

I simply love the idea of being part of a company whose purpose is to leave behind a legacy and edify human lives. Without any limits, social levels, and race or nationality discrimination, 4Life helps me fulfill my dreams and other people’s dreams.

While getting trained in this opportunity, I decided to move back to my home country of Bolivia. Now I know for sure that whatever you want to achieve, you can. Reaching the International Diamond rank has been an incredible experience.