Romy Chavez Parada

Diamante Internacional Oro

Romy Chavez Parada

My husband and I started looking for our American dream in 2000 and we found 4Life. For ten years, we had been working long hours three to four days per week. In February 2009, after three invitations from different people, Luis Mendez introduced us to 4Life. That night my life was transformed by the 4Life vision and a dream awoke in my heart. Later on, I attended the convention and all my dreams began to come alive and in color. I met Founders David and Bianca Lisonbee, and they both captivated me with their humility.

I left the convention with an immense desire to return to my country. Even with empty hands, my heart was full of hope in a certain future. Within three months, I qualified for the Diamond rank. This allowed me to take a plane to see my family again. That same day I called my neighbors and acquaintances to share the business with them. I was passionate about the 4Life opportunity.

I believe that 4Life is a window of hope for many who have forgotten their dreams. Thanks to the company, the products, the educational system, and International Networkers Team, I began realizing my dreams. I could never imagine that I would be able to help so many people change their lives, but this has happened over and over. In the process we have managed to transfer a vision of hope and a secure future for many families. Today I enjoy the most precious thing: being close with my family and having the opportunity to travel and experience great moments together.

My eternal gratitude goes to International Diamond Maribel Santiago, Gold International Diamonds Renaldo Sánchez and Rolando Sánchez, and the whole team who supported me on the road to success.

Success and blessings to all.